The Number One Problem Facing America Today

What is America’s number one problem today?  It is the fact that the majority of Christians have given their children over to be discipled by secular humanists.

There are a few lies which must be believed in order for this to happen.  Lie number one is education and making disciples are two different things.  They are one and the same.  Lie number two is knowledge is neutral.  All knowledge is taught with an underlying worldview.  Lie number three is God has not ordained a method of education.  He has ordained a method of education and it is for fathers to teach their children with a multi-generational view of faithfulness.  Lie number four is the Bible is one of many sources for truth.  It is truth and without error.  Lie number five is the Bible only speaks to questions of faith or the Church.  It speaks to all things including true science and history.  Lie number six is Jesus Christ is only Lord over the Church.  He is Lord over all three spheres of government; family, church, and civil.  And finally lie number seven is there are no negative consequences for believing and acting on lies number one through six.

America is in a death spiral right now.  Things that no one just a few years ago would believe would happen are now not only happening but are moving into the mainstream of American thought.

The solution is for fathers to take back their responsibility of discipling (educating) their children.  Day by day open the Words of God, read them, and then teach them.  Take this back from the two spheres of government which have greatly overstepped their authority, the state and the church.

The state is supposed to protect families from evil doers so that fathers can disciple their children.  The church is supposed to equip fathers to disciple their children.  Public education, youth groups and Sunday schools are all usurpations into the father’s authority in his home.  The answer can be summed up in one word, repentance.  It must be fathers who do this.  Neither the state nor the church will give this power back.  There is too much money and power at stake.  It is for fathers to decide and the decision must be made now.

The Bible has a message for Babylon the church.  Babylon the state will devour you after you have finished helping separate children from their fathers for your own power’s sake.  Please see Revelation 17:16.  The good news is we have a returning King who knows how to protect and keep those that are His.

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