Number in Scripture

Numbers are used throughout the scriptures.  Each number has symbolic meaning attached to it.  Understanding the symbolism attached to different numbers will help the reader of scripture get a deeper understanding of the truths contained in the scripture, will help the reader of scripture to rightly divide the word of truth, and will help the reader of scripture to rightly apply the scriptures.

When trying to discern the symbolism corresponding to a number not mentioned in the list below, its meaning can most likely be found in either the multiplying factors of that number, the sum of the digits, or both.  For example, the symbolic meaning of the number 25 can be found in its factors (5 X 5) or in the sum of its digits (2 + 5 = 7).  Look for death, grace, and perfection or completion around the number 25.

Links to the specific teaching on each number are listed below.

Careful study of the use of numbers in the Bible has led me to the conclusion that the order of the books and the chapter and verse designations are all sovereignly arranged by God in the KJV.

The number 5

The number 7

The number 8

The number 11

The number 12

The number 13

The number 17

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