Irony Is Pretty Ironic Sometimes

So this week we learned that the Russian ship that was caught in the ice around Antarctica was on a mission to measure the effects of global warming.  Next, the Chinese icebreaker on its way to break them free failed.  Who did they call?  They called the Americans to successfully rescue the people on the frozen ship.  This gives new meaning to loving your enemies.

So I heard the people on this trip will have to plant 5000 trees just to offset the carbon footprint from this trip.

Can I ask my Christian brothers and sisters from around the world to join me in laughing directly at those who still believe in man-made global warming?

Here is a question for those who still believe in man made global warming:  Do you still believe the polar ice caps are melting?  Who convinced you to suspend all reason for their political agenda?

While I am asking questions about suspending your ability to reason:  here are some other questions to ponder.

Did you know that water is the only known substance that takes up more volume as a solid (ice) than it does as a liquid?   So melting polar ice caps would cause the sea level to…  Please fill in the blank.

Did you know the best explanation for the ice age is the worldwide flood described in Genesis 6-8?  An ice age requires abnormally warm oceans and abnormally cold land masses to produce the kind of snow storms needed for an ice age.  Large amounts of oceanic volcanic activity as described in Genesis would produce this phenomena.

Here is another question for all of those who believe in man-made global warming…How does increasing taxes change weather patterns or cool the earth?  It seems to me that all raising taxes does is give more money to politicians who don’t believe in the very theory that they are trying to force on the rest of us.  Al Gore’s personal carbon footprint is 20 times the average American’s.

I do have a suggestion for all of the statists who are trying to use their radical environmentalism to control the rest of us.  Why don’t you pick a city and try out your socialist ideas for a period of years and let’s look at the results.  Oh wait, you have already done that in Detroit.  And now, just like in the case of the Russian global warming ship, the rest of America is going to have to rescue you.

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