From Mirror to Chalkboard

momma saidI was a teacher – a paid one- for 6 years before becoming a mommy.  I have been a teacher-an unpaid one- for 12 years homeschooling my kiddos. I loved to play school as a child. Thus my fascination with chalkboards.

And then of course, there is Pinterest.  Now every possible surface can become a chalkboard and all foods can be made in muffin tins!

I had this cute, chippy mirror that my mother had given me.  She found it in a shop, loved it, and brought it home. But she could never seem to find the right place to hang it and so it came to my house. Where it sat. For several years. Behind a chair. Because I couldn’t find a place to hang it either.  But it was just too great of a frame to let go.

So one day ( after entirely too much time on Pinterest) I decided to paint the mirrored surface with chalkboard paint.  I thought it might work.  I thought it might not. But would I really be losing anything?  I mean this poor orphaned mirror sat unused for years anyway. So I just slapped- or rather rolled- some chalkboard paint on it and let it dry. Then, I scribbled all over it with chalk and erased.  And you know what?  It worked fine. Then I washed it, let it dry, hung it up in the foyer and admired my handiwork.

But after a few days I thought, “Ok. This chalkboard begs to be written on.  But what to write?”  Well, back to my dear old nemesis, er, I mean friend, Pinterest. I started a board of chalkboard quotes and the rest is history!  I update it weekly, or less often if life is crazy. Well, crazier than normal . I usually share my chalkboard quotes with my friends on Facebook.

All of this from a sad, orphaned, outcast mirror and a small can of chalkboard paint.


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