Creationism vs. Evolution

Last night, Ken Ham a young earth creationist and Bill Nye an evolutionist had a three hour debate about the earth’s origins.  I saw also today where Pat Robertson criticized (more like mocked) Ken Ham for his faithfulness to the scriptures in believing in the creation account as stated in Genesis.  I am a young earth creationist and completely agree with Ken Ham.  Please do not listen to Pat Robertson.  He is a man who does not know his Bible and says stupid things quite often.  It is regrettable that he has somehow gained a platform to speak for Christianity in some way.

Lesson number 2 in my Old Testament Survey teaching pages gives seven reasons why Bible believing Christians cannot believe in evolution and must believe in a young earth.  Also, this lesson deals with creationism and evolution as science and shows why evolution is not scientifically possible.  Here is the link:

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