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The Maker of the Home

The Maker of the Home Once again, I sat, pen poised in mid-air, muscles slightly tensed, and mind perplexed.  I tried to stifle the deep sigh that I knew was right at the surface.  Every time it was the same.  … Continue reading

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Maybe You Don’t Have Enough Problems!

Okay. So maybe not.  I’m not wishing a boatload of problems on you.  But often, when I see a couple that fusses a lot with one another, when there is no visible tenderness or connectedness, when they talk to each other … Continue reading

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From Mirror to Chalkboard

I was a teacher – a paid one- for 6 years before becoming a mommy.  I have been a teacher-an unpaid one- for 12 years homeschooling my kiddos. I loved to play school as a child. Thus my fascination with … Continue reading

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Laundry Tips to Make it a Habit

We do so many things on autopilot.  We don’t have to think about them or give much emotional energy or decision making to them.  Driving requires focus and attention, but the motions are rather automatic.  You really don’t have to … Continue reading

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Family Studies in Homeschooling

There are about as many homeschooling styles and curriculum choices as there are homeschooling families.  It can seem a bit overwhelming to a new homeschool mom, but I like that there is so much variety.  Isn’t that part of why … Continue reading

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Hi. This is Benita and I have decided to start posting more often on here as well.  I hope you continue to read and learn from George’s teaching pages and that you will gain encouragement here from me from time … Continue reading

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A Scripture to Balance Power

Here is a scripture verse that is almost universally ignored in the Church today and if it was followed would be a check on the power that church leaders have today and especially church celebrity leaders. 1 Corinthians 6:4 4 If … Continue reading

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Prayer at the Throne of Grace

Here is a link to a sermon I preached a couple of weeks ago at the Camden, DE Bible Fellowship Church on prayer at the throne of grace.  My text was Revelation 4.  Happy listening.

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The Bible and Homosexuality

There are a few questions that have come up over the last several months about the Bible and homosexuality. The first question is, “Is homosexuality wrong or is it a sin?”  A question that seems to be coupled with that … Continue reading

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Creationism vs. Evolution

Last night, Ken Ham a young earth creationist and Bill Nye an evolutionist had a three hour debate about the earth’s origins.  I saw also today where Pat Robertson criticized (more like mocked) Ken Ham for his faithfulness to the scriptures … Continue reading

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